The world’s best Jain temple with a glow-in-the-dark idol! Indore boasted of having both these architectural marvels.

Temple has a main gate which is inspired by southern genre Thanjavur art. The gate is 72 feet long (resembling teen chobishi(three 24s)) , 24 feet long(resembling 24 tirthankaras)and 16 feet wide. 1,24000 bricks have been used to construct the gate. It has been built by southern artisans in 30 months.
This gate is called PANCH PARMESTHI DWAR. This gate is the biggest gate among all Jain gateways in India. The builder and cooperative of the gate is Shri Rasiklal ji Manik Chand ji Dhariwal, pune.buildings.

Jinayatan Trust Indore